Student Planner

High quality software for students to easily keep track of school work status, schedules, and events.

Current Status

Student Planner was redesigned multiple times due to student trials feedback, to ensure it met project requirements for easy, logical, and effective use. The final result is a simple, compact design that is a great way for you to keep track of your school work, events, and activities. Currently in the beta testing phase, Student Planner is schedule for initial release in August 2018.

Windows, Mobile, macOS versions

Student Planner be released intitally for Windows systems. ...

Getting Started With A New School Term

Formal education is divided into school terms .

Design Details

During the development and user testing phase, Student Planner was redesigned to improve how a student can enter and organize school and class information, and then easily view and update that information for weekly and daily planning and work completion.

Sudent Planner is conveniently organized into school terms, term events, class assignments, and planner completion window tabs which makes it very intuitive to enter, view, and update student information.

Student Planner is (no menu, auto saving)